1. A comic featuring the adventures of Damian in middle school would be fantastic.

    He’d be kicked out of gym-wide dodgeball games within the first minute. Every. Time.

    Nell would be his science partner, and they’d create horrible monstrosities with the class chemistry set while everyone else tries to make rock candy.

    Since he’d be in school as a cover or something (I mean, otherwise Bruce would put him in some snooty private school, am I right?) Steph and Dick would pose as his parents, and charm the hell out of his teachers during the many parent-teacher conferences they’d have to attend.

    They’d also show up during all his school events and drag him to open house day. Steph would coo over his poetry in English class and Dick would post said poetry on the fridge in the manor until Damian’d try to burn the evidence. Except Steph would make copies.

    Cass would be his chaperone for every field trip.

    Every now and then, Colin would convince Damian to skip school and fight crime with him, and Nell would eventually follow them (because “skipping school is wrong!”) and discover their identities. Then they’d all fight supervillains. It’d be awesome.

    Basically I want this comic to be real, ok? A kid friendly Damian Wayne comic book… it can happen… right?

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