1. A friend sent in a script and asked if I could oblige and draw it

    and of course I said yes

    Because  1. Flailing Kon

    2. ROSE


    4. Tied-up Tim

    Actually, basically everyone.

    And I shall always draw Bart’s hair as brown and ginormous. Always.

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    ROSE !!!
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    ahahaha, this REALLY made me laugh!
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    awyeahtitans is so quality today
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    Reboobing for Damian, tied-up Tim and accurate!Bart. lkjhgfdsalkjhg perfecttttt
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    It’s cool Kon. I feel the same ;-;
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    I can totally see Rose and Damian becoming friends, but they’d only express it by saying “Wanna spar?”, “I’m gonna kick...
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    Just…all of this.
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    LOVE THIS!! The Wondergirl text box! Although Bart’s hair could be bigger… ;P