1. True story. The only time someone apologized profusely for hitting on me. His friend kept looking at him in bewilderment.

    Him: Look, I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t’ve said that—
    His Friend: Dude, what are you doing, just drive, oh my god,

    Me: *as they drive away in shame* Well, uh, good on you for apologizing! 

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    Just in love, nbd.
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  25. maritimelegend said: i second nora, you are a perfect person
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    O M G
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  29. synthezoid said: kjfadf “THAT’S WONDER WOMAN YOU PIECE OF SHIT” you are a perfect person
  30. getinthefuckingtitaneren said: XD Oh my god. Ms.Fee you are a force to be reckoned with and I love it.
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    LOL OH MY GOD true story: I’m always so shocked to hear about this because I never get that sort of treatment. Idk it’s...
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