1. Alberto Reyes: It will happen again. And you will come home to us. And I will tell you how you are a good man. Again. Always.

    (Excuse me there is something in my eye)

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    Jaime has the best family in comics.
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    I KNOW BB. I’m gonna finish Nightwing, then Cass’ run on Batgirl (aaaand probably Steph’s too since there aren’t that...
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    UGH BRYNN - YOU NEED TO GET ON THAT AS SOON AS YOU CAN. I have one of the best families ever and I still want the Reyes...
  7. thecapedlibrarianontheroof said: I love this so much always forever. :3 I would not read HALF the comics I read if it weren’t for you, you realize?? Now on top of Barda and Scott, I have to read everything on earth with Jaime Reyes & fam. in it. (Psst! Thanks. ;3)
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    Most of the family scenes in Blue Beetle have made me cry! Jealous of fictional family units blog
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    they are my favourite family
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