1. "Easy and affordable vegan recipe!"


    1. 2 toes of a mandrake (or mandrake substitute)
    2. Charred leaves of Rowan tree after a will o’ the wisp has passed by
    3. St. Elmo’s fire, distilled
    4. The nectar of the three most beautiful honeysuckle blossoms, as judged by Ellie the wood nymph
    5. Dehydrated berries from the faerie queen’s crown, plucked from the left side of her brow on a full moon


  2. Work situation: A O-K

    I think the typo disappeared in the mass of text that surrounded it



  3. Just did that thing where you try to chase the bus because it didn’t stop for you
    And then it speeds up
    Stops at another stop four blocks away
    And takes off again


  4. arcanelibrarian replied to your post:I am sort of a secretary in my new job. Sometimes,…
    It’ll be ok! *hugs* Everyone knows that typos happen.

    I just hope we can pretend it didn’t happen hahaha oh dear


  5. angelophile replied to your post:I am sort of a secretary in my new job. Sometimes,…
    Sounds like a bit of a cock up.


  6. Sometimes, when writing emails, I will slip in a phrase like “keep our ducks in a row.”

    I just wrote “dicks.” The email sent before I could catch the mistake.

    Let’s keep our dicks in a row



  7. Leftover habit from working that shitty min. wage food service job for years.

    Buying clothes? But this shirt is over $5, I could be using that money on groceries what am I doing


  9. Anonymous said: You and your wife have THE. CUTEST. voices omg.

    Aaaw shucks, anon.

  10. This one more and then I am DONE cat blogging tonight, I promise.

    If you listen close, this is how Lois the book cat meows when she wants onto the counter but she knows that I’m going to just pick her up and set her down again.

    (Of course, I’m not saying “No!” seriously here. I am resigned. Our cat runs things. She probably flops all over the kitchen counters while we’re asleep.)