1. In honor of the Numair Vs Dolphins saga, and because she is amazing, Sarah brought home Lisa Frank folders.


  2. Well, THAT was disappointing.


    I guess I otter have known better…


    set that up

    for a pun


  3. thecapedlibrarianontheroof:

    Oh HELL YEAH!!!!!!!

    *veers enthusiastically into turn lane*

    (I hope it’s a REALLY BIG otter!!)

    Honey no

  4. A while back I started getting some… strange anon questions regarding anime and am still trying to figure it out. Are they honest? Are they joking? Is there something in their one-sentence submissions to my ask box that I am not grasping? Have I failed to be anime serious?


  5. So I have scars on my arm now because Lois the cat decided it would be a GRAND idea to try and jump onto the bathroom mirror while I cleaned up. She wasn’t banking on the fact that mirrors are smooth surfaces, scrabbled, fell, clung to my arm in a last-ditch attempt at righting herself, and then fell properly. All in the course of about two seconds. Most of the scratches are gone (they were about 5 inch. long because she held on while she fell) but I have three that are stickin’ around. And then more on my feet, because she has decided that the moment feet slip under the covers, they turn into FEROCIOUS MONSTERS THAT MUST BE DESTROYED.

    I wonder how many warrior folks run around in fantasyland being all, “Ach, yes, I got this scar when the famed Beast Of Yurgl’e’l’n tried to slay the mayor” when in fact that is just what happened when Mr. Snoofles wanted to use them as a jumping post to reach the window.

    I woke up to Lois literally jumping on my face and crying this morning because she thinks that if humans don’t move for a few hours at a time, SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG. Just like when one of us takes a shower, she’ll panic and try to find a way to lure us away from the water. “HUMAN DID YOU KNOW THERE IS WATER IN THERE GET OUT NOW LET ME LEAD YOU TO SAFETY”

  6. badparsi said: cass and steph cass and steph

    Cass and Steph are possibly the snarkiest batkids yet and therefore are perfect for each other

    (I miss these two.)

  7. harshcutieszoos said: so in the original “Little Mermaid” the prince gets married to someone else. Bisexual mermaid and his bride falling in love, stealing away, and returning to the ocean to both be mermaids?

    This is right when they jump off the wedding yacht into the ocean, before the little mermaid signs that “You don’t need to worry, I know this awesome sea witch who can give you some fins like that.”


  8. bromeomontague said: Buffy and Faith, or Numair and Ozorne circa their university days.

    I’m assuming this is the kind of thing Faith would say in the middle of patrol. (Confession time: I’ve only seen seasons 1,2,4,5, and part of 6 of Buffy, so I completely missed most of Faith! And a lot of other stuff! Things in the later seasons remain confusing, so I will have to go on Netflix and catch up soon.)


  9. daphneontherun said: kilted warrior and tsundere wizard boyfriends! If you feel like it!


    OK this was a lot of fun


  10. So I’m working on some Queer Ship requests that I asked for a few days back (thank you all) and every single time I get out my tablet THE CAT DECIDES IT IS NOW TIME TO QUIETLY CHEW ON MY LEGS

    I am not kidding she is attempting to nibble my shins as I type

    but when I am NOT on the computer, she’s fine, so I started drawing some Pirate/Mermaid comics in my sketchbook before realizing the request was for Elf Pirate/Mermaid and I shall have to try again. I might lock the door so the cat can’t get in. But the cat can open locked doors. THIS IS MY LIFE.

    No scanner, so bad quality:

    and it rapidly devolved into “First Mate Isn’t Being Paid Well Enough For This Job”