1. comiccrimefighters:

    Peter J.Tomasi has tweeted the cover to Batman and Robin #38 and confirms that Damian Wayne is back as Robin!

    (via ablackflash)


  2. Moving day is tomorrow!!!! Aaaaaaa


  3. Yeah that’s it, fuck it
    I am %100 done there goes all my motivation at work
    I have lasted the longest out of everyone and I know why they left now.


  4. Someone give me money for being a charming individual so I don’t need to work again. I suspect that my job is on the line because we are in a slow season and apparently that’s because I’m not… doing enough…? Short of like calling customers and ordering them to patronize us? Which I am actually doing. I am calling people. Asking them to buy our services. That is what my job has become. For someone who gets really bad anxiety in crowds and retail situations this is like the BEST THING EVER and by best I mean I am going to go home and lie in bed and let my cat hit my face with her paw incessantly because at least the cat doesn’t cause me to want to shut down.


  5. bromeomontague replied to your post:Here’s a Ghost Story
    We had ghosts at my old restaurant who were usually cool but one day a customer called the waitress the c word and the plates on the table next to his went flying at him

    That’s a pretty cool ghost! A+ excellent haunting

  6. I swear this isn’t becoming a cat blog.

    But we’re at the start of our packing spree and Lois the cat has discovered boxes.


  7. Being a chef in fairyland has to be rough.

    Every now and then a person/being has a talent for making cuisine for the various denizens of the Court, but getting supplies is difficult for someone starting out. Most of the best recipes call for increasingly bizarre items: Three drops of salt water blessed by a selkie, a berry from a garden where blood was spilled, clippings of rosemary from a witch’s window box. Now and then newcomers will pass by a person in worn traveling clothes, with circles under their eyes and various charms against curses jingling as they walk, with a sort of haunted but determined expression (the same one you see in people who have waited in line for so long that it has become a matter of personal pride to see it through). And when they ask what horrible spell or quest that person is under, locals look surprised and say, “Oh, them? They’re just a cook at that place down the street!”


  8. sansael said: Hello! I totlly love your Sirius adopts Harry AU! It's been ages since I saw/read this AU, but it's my favourite in all HP verse. Thank you so much for it. And I hope you will draw more. No pressure, just, oooh, a hope.

    Aw, thanks! Yeah, I just really like the idea too! When it turned out in the third book that Harry couldn’t live with Sirius after all, I was so distraught! I know it would have messed with the formula Rowling had going: Harry lives with the Dursleys, Dursleys are terrible, Harry goes to Hogwarts and feels more at home there than on Privet drive. But a person can dream.

    Artsy things are sort of slowing down a bit while I and my wife prepare to move (don’t look at me, nothing is packed, I am a terrible adult) but more comics are on the horizon for sure! Thank you for your kind words!

  9. If I’ve been a bit quiet on here as of late, it’s because we’re moving!

    A year with the Landlords from Hell has changed my standards considerably. You don’t actively break the law? BONUS POINTS. Your ceilings aren’t caved in? SIGN ME UP. You’re not going to openly mock me when I come down to the office to ask for maintenance to fix our broken smoke detector which fell apart when the ceiling collapsed? SOLD.

    Seriously though, the new apartment is hella cute. Our cat will be horrified.

  10. I know how to shame labradors, not cats. Lois doesn’t care. She is a cat. Cats don’t feel remorse when they rip your loofah apart and waddle into the living room with its remains in their teeth.