1. What the hell is U2 doing on my phone and how do I get rid of them

  2. This is our cat.

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  3. My wife just made about six cat puns in a row, and laughed so hard at them that she was leaning against the closet door, trying to breathe.
    Me: That’s it.
    Her: Did you have to PAWS for that last one to sink in? Ahahahaha
    Me: I’m going into the bedroom and locking the door.
    Her: *gasping and laughing, turns off the light*
    Me: *can’t see in the dark at all*

    So it ended with me lunging blindly for the bedroom while she wheezed with breathless giggles behind me, going “No wait noooo you liked it, you liked the joke admit it ahaha”

    (Of course it was all in jest—it would take a heinous pun indeed to have one of us sent to the couch)

  4. ciroimmobiles:

    Miss Scary Pants Assasin Lady

    sobbing because I want this team up to be a real ongoing

    (via powergirl)


  5. woke up to a fever and a text from mom saying “I love you”

    ughhh this is going to be a bad day isn’t it


  6. So Superwholock is like

    The Who… as superheroes, whose superpowers include opening locks?

    like, the Who are hangin out in their dressing rooms or whatever, breaking all their expensive musical instruments with blank expressions on their faces (all part of the job, man) and the drummer looks over like,

    "Hey, Pete, stop smashing your guitar on the coffee table and look at this hologram David Bowie sent. The glam rock brigade is in trouble."

    "Shit Keith I seriously cannot care less right now, this guitar ain’t gonna smash itself—"

    "Their hair products are locked in the green room. All of them. Christ, man, where’s your humanity?"

    "Alright, we’re going in."


    I come up with the best ideas when I am sick and living off of cold medicine someone hire me to write the script for this show


  7. More Hellish Apartment Adventures

    We were assigned a parking space in November of 2013. We’ve been paying $90 a month for it since that time.

    Last week, the apartment people assigned another person to our space. When I asked what gives, they told us to park in an empty spot instead.

    Each of the empty spots they’ve given are taken.

    Our car is going to get vandalized by angry tenants soon, because THEY fucked up.

    No one has been in the office since I filed a complaint.

  8. melodypowers65:


    There’s a scene in Wild Magic (by Tamora Pierce) where the main character, Daine, stops her heart during meditation because she really, really wants to talk to the dolphins swimming offshore and her heart is beating too loud. When she’s brought back to life, Numair understandably flips his shit. So while Numair is shouting furiously at multiple gods because she stopped her own blessed heart, I was not prepared for this when I said I’d teach her magic, Daine is like, “Gosh, Numair, don’t freak out, it wasn’t a big deal.”

    I like to think that Numair holds a secret grudge against dolphins to this day.

    I think he does too ;)


    I don’t normally like to reblog my own art, but the texting-au link is GOLD

    bless you my friend


  9. So I met Mark Waid today!

    He signed my Impulse trade! I asked him to sign the page where Bart drives his classmate’s car off a cliff, and he seemed to get a kick out of that.


  10. Things that happened at the con yesterday:

    • Partied too hard at the artist’s alley, but no regrets
    • Met Gail Simone (she was nice. I basically encouraged my wife to talk to her because I had nothing to say other than “I really liked Birds of Prey,” and “I can only hope there will be more shirtless Catman in the new Secret Six run.”)
    • Talked to some Archie dudes about Kevin Keller and how it’s nice to see Queer folks in comics whose lives don’t end in tragedy (I mean, it’s Archie, you can usually bank on everything being alright, but it’s still good to see)
    • Found someone who is also a fan of Cassandra Cain and proceeded to do that thing that happens whenever two or more Cass fans meet and talked wistfully about how great she is
    • Found out Mark Waid is in attendance. Should I see if I can ask him to sign my Impulse trade today?!??? I mean, politely of course.

    So that was alright.